Welcome Prof.Chonggen Pan, Ningbo Tech University, China to be the TPC!

Prof.Chonggen Pan, NingboTech University, China


主要从事海洋工程结构防护与修复、固废处置与资源化利用研究、功能纳米新材料等基础与工程应用研究。近年来,已在"Journal of Hazardous Materials”、”Construction and Building Materials”、“International Journal of Electrochemical Science“、”China Ocean Engineering”、“材料导报”等国内外核心期刊上发表学术论文80余篇,其中SCI、EI收录30余篇,授权专利10项。

The research area involves marine engineering structure protection and repair, solid waste disposal and resource utilization research, functional nano new materials and other basic and engineering application. In recent years, more than 80 academic papers have been published in "Journal of hazardous materials", "Construction and building materials", "International Journal of electrical science", "China Ocean Engineering", "Materials review", including more than 30 SCI and EI papers and 10 authorized patents.