Welcome A/Prof. Xiaogang Feng, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China to be the TPC!

A/Prof. Xiaogang Feng,  Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China



Xiaogang Feng (1979-), Ph.D., associate professor, master’s supervisor, College of Architecture, Xi’an University of Architecture and technology. Director of Institute of Building Survey and Mapping. Director of Shaanxi Society for Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information. Director of Shaanxi Provincial Association for Geographic Information Service. The member of Shaanxi Geometric Measurement technical Committee. The member of Engineering Surveying Committee of Shaanxi Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Society. He is mainly engaged in the teaching of engineering surveying, Geographic information system, remote sensing and 3S technology and application, and his main research direction is environmental remote sensing and holographic ancient site protection. Presided over and participated in more than 10 national, provincial and bureau level projects, and published more than 30 academic papers.