Welcome Prof. Tianpeng Gao Xi’an University China to be one of the Conference Chairs!

Prof. Tianpeng Gao, Xi'an University, China

教授,博士,西安文理学院生物与环境工程学院院长,甘肃省矿区污染治理与生态修复工程研究中心主任。陕西师范大学、西北师范大学、兰州交通大学研究生导师,中国生态经济学会生态恢复专业委员会副主任委员(2018.03-2024.03),甘肃省人民政府参事室特约研究员(2020.06-2022.06),西安市决策咨询委员会委员(2020.02-2023.02),甘肃省植物学会副理事长(2020.08-2024.08),甘肃省生物工程学会秘书长(2017.09-2021.09);曾任兰州城市学院科技处处长、甘肃省城市发展研究院副院长、兰州城市学院地理与城乡规划学院院长等职,主要从事受损生态系统评价与修复的教学和研究工作;毕业于兰州大学,曾为兰州城市学院第一、二、三、四届学科带头人,曾主持完成国家自然科学基金4项,省级重点研发计划5项,兰州市科技发展重点计划3项以及其他地厅级科研项目2项,曾主持完成甘肃省高校科技进步一等奖、兰州市科技进步二等奖、甘肃省高校优秀科研成果三等奖4项,指导学生参加第十二届挑战杯甘肃省大学生课外学术科技作品,并获得省级一、二等奖,授权发明专利1项。在国内核心以上期刊发表学术论文120余篇,其中,SCI收录20余篇。曾担任Chemosphere,Geoderma, Earth Sciences, The Open Biology Journal,Journal of Hazardous Materials杂志的审稿人,曾承担景观生态学、自然地理学、生态修复技术、环境学概论、环境管理学、环境影响评价、环境影响评价案例分析、资源环境承载力评价、环境毒理学、环境监测、环境科学前言讲座、植物地理学、基础生命科学、植物生物学、植物分子生物学等课程的教学工作。

A distinguished prof. and ph.D. Dean of School of Biological&Environmental Engineering of Xi’an University and  and the director of mining area pollution control and ecological restoration engineering research center in Gansu Province, P.R. China.  He is the discipline leader of the first, second, third and fourth sessions of Lanzhou City University. He is the master's supervisor of Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest Normal University, and Lanzhou Jiaotong University, He is the vice chairman of ecological restoration Professional Committee of China Ecological Economy Association (2020.03--2024.03). He is the Special researcher of Counselor's office of Gansu Provincial Government(2020.06-2022.06). He is a member of Xi'an municipal Party committee and municipal government decision-making advisory committee(2020.02-2023.02). He is a vice president of Gansu Botanical Society(2020.08-2024.08). He is a secretary general of Gansu Bioengineering Society. He has served as director of Science and Technology Department of Lanzhou City University, vice president of Gansu Urban Development Research Academy, and the dean of Geography and Urban Planning School of Lanzhou City University.  At present, he is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of damaged ecosystem evaluation and restoration,In October 2017, he was transferred to the school of biology and environmental engineering of Xi'an University from Lanzhou City University, He was graduated from Lanzhou University in 2006 and engaged in the teaching of resources and environment. He presided over the construction of the first-class specialty (Environmental Ecological Engineering) in Xi'an City, and engaged in scientific research on ecological protection, pollution remediation and environmental biotechnology in Qinling Mountains and Qilian Mountains. Since he taught, he has mainly undertaken Basic Life Sciences, Plant Biology, Plant Molecular Biology, Introduction to Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Toxicology, Phytogeography, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Resource and Environmental Carrying Capacity Assessment, and preface lecture of environmental science And other courses of teaching work. He has presided over and completed 4 National Natural Science Foundation projects (3 closed projects), 4 provincial key R & D plans (3 closed projects), 3 key science and technology development plans of Lanzhou City (closed projects) and 1 scientific research project of other prefectures and departments. He presided over and completed four first prizes for scientific and technological progress of colleges and universities in Gansu Province, the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Lanzhou City, the third prize of excellent scientific research achievements of colleges and universities in Gansu Province, He guided the students to participate in the 12th challenge cup of extracurricular scientific and technological works of college students in Gansu Province, and won the first and second prizes at the provincial level and was authorized one invention patent. He has published more than 120 academic papers in domestic core journals (including more than 20 SCI papers). He has served as reviewer for Chemosphere, Geoderma, Earth Sciences, The Open Biology Journal, Journal of Hazardous MaterialsHe has obtained nearly 4 million yuan government funding of scientific research and 5 million yuan funds for enterprises and social organizations of scientific research projects.